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But in late December, a major change occurred. The "forgotten" midfielder suddenly found himself in the starting lineup and became a non-negligible member of the head coach Paul Souza's 4231 formation. He used practical actions to refute those who said he had neither body nor speed. .

但是在12月下旬,发生了重大变化。这位“被遗忘”的中场突然发现自己进入了首发阵容,并成为主教练保罗·索萨(Paul Souza)的4231阵型的重要成员。他用实际行动来反驳那些说他既没有身体也没有速度的人。 。

In the second half of the season, Basic scored 1 goal and 3 assists and became the best player in the team. If Ligue 1 is not suspended due to the epidemic, no one knows how he will improve.

在本赛季的下半场,Basic攻入1球3助攻,成为队中最佳球员。如果由于流行病而导致Ligue 1没有被暂停,没人会知道他将如何改善。

Basic's outbreak was not accidental. Fans can find that this Croatian midfielder has clearly become stronger, participating in the physical confrontation of Ligue 1 without fear, and fully demonstrating his organizational and offensive skills.

Basic的爆发并非偶然。球迷们会发现,这位克罗地亚中场显然变得更强壮,毫无畏惧地参加了Ligue 1的身体对抗,并充分展示了他的组织和进攻能力。

We hoped to interview him in February, but he asked to wait: "We only played two games, so stop playing and give me some time." In mid-May, we interviewed him.

我们希望在二月份采访他,但他要求等待:“我们只玩了两场比赛,所以停止比赛,给我一些时间。” 5月中旬,我们采访了他。

"In fact, I have greatly strengthened my muscles, improved explosive power and speed, and improved significantly in the game. I am confident in my abilities. Before the suspension of Ligue 1, I had my best performance of my career, but unfortunately I failed. Keep playing. But it doesn’t matter, because now I know exactly what to do and I won’t be interrupted by the suspension.” Basic was satisfied.


"Two decisions are crucial-I stopped playing video games and changed my eating habits."


"Yes. I never realized that games consume a lot of energy. After I came to Bordeaux, I lived alone in an apartment and played PSP a lot. Okay, now I know how bad it is for an athlete, I I started playing games to rest or take a walk and pay close attention to the quality of my diet. I quickly became more relaxed and ready to go into training."


"I used to be exhausted after training. I just wanted to sleep. Now I can do the same job easily, and I will practice more every day when I go home. I don’t worry about the harm caused by overtraining because I feel my The body is stronger. Until a few months ago, I thought it was enough not to go to a party. Today, I clearly realize that it is very important to really understand and treat my body correctly and it will make a huge difference.


"I feel good. The coach also knows that I have performed well. He emphasized that I can attack once I have a chance. This is the first time I have become an important member of the team. Now, I am about to start a brand new career. I can’t wait. Looking forward to restarting the game and training." Basic emphasized.


"Bordeaux knows that some clubs are interested in me, but they cannot predict their attitude after the COVID-19 pandemic. I am confident that I can overcome the uncertainty brought about by the new environment and play a high level in every European league. However, I am already An important player in Bordeaux, who can improve next season. Therefore, I am not going to transfer at all."


"Many players are attracted by the media, money and fame, but the important thing is to abandon desires and give selflessly. We need to surpass ourselves. The struggle with others weakens us, and the struggle with ourselves makes us stronger." Thomas Bar Xiqi talked about his experience in a speech at St. John's Church.

“许多球员都被媒体,金钱和名望所吸引,但重要的是放弃欲望,无私奉献。我们需要超越自我。与他人的斗争削弱了我们,与自身的斗争使我们变得更加强大。” Thomas Bar Xiqi在圣约翰教堂的演讲中谈到了他的经历。

"I grew up in a traditional Catholic family and my faith followed me all my life. When I was in Zagreb, I went to church with priests every Thursday. The church became dark and I told God of all my shortcomings. This It is very special to me." He said that after graduating from high school, the signing of Hayduk and the changes in his life made him lose his faith.


"I played lottery first, and soon I started gambling. Everyone has their own judgment and choices, but snakes always lure us off the right path. One day, my twin brother Yakov called me. I admitted. When he went to the casino, he did not criticize me, but talked to me with love. After that, I stopped gambling and would never be attracted even after passing the casino. My brother used love to let me live a normal life."


Yakov said that when he was a child, he was physically and technically incapable of professional competitions. He hesitated to go to school or play in the lower-level leagues. He finally decided to go to university in the United States and get a degree while playing high-level games.


Life is full of possibilities. We went to high school in Zagreb together, and I studied chemistry. But Hajduk invited me, and my brother got a scholarship and went to the United States. But we have been keeping in touch. He is now studying psychology and has two online exams left.


What if we played together? I dream of this happening one day, and now I am in Bordeaux, doing well, everything has to take time.


Some Kejia clubs offer prices for him, but it is a problem to pay compensation for youth training. Now there is no compensation fee, I believe he can get a chance in Kejia, because he is now outstanding in the Dugopo list.


Hmm...If you can, it would be a miracle. My dad will definitely become the happiest person in the world.


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