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I believe that during the epidemic, many people will have this question: What can I do for the country? Throughout the world football, the anti-epidemic actions of teams and players are being staged every day, and everyone is using their own way to make contributions and efforts to fight the epidemic.


And there is such a player who offered to go to the frontline of the fight against the epidemic to support the medical team at this difficult time. They are the Atletico Women's team deputy captain Silvia Meseguer and Betis who have a medical background. Female football player Ana Romero (Ana Romero).

有这样一个球员愿意在这个艰难的时刻走到抗击流行病的一线,为医疗队提供支持。他们是具有医学背景的马竞女队副队长西尔维亚·米斯瓜(Silvia Meseguer)和贝蒂斯(Betis)。女足球员安娜·罗梅罗(Ana Romero)。

According to official Atletico Madrid reports, the 31-year-old


In 2008, Silvia made her debut in the Spanish national team. She played 66 games in her 11-year national team career and participated in two World Cups (2015 and 2019) and two European Cups (2013 and 2017). Years), after this, she chose to leave the team. To


After the 2017 European Cup, she temporarily left the Spanish national team in order to study. That brief withdrawal was also supported by the coach. Two years later, at the 2019 Women's World Cup, she completed her "curtain call" in the national team. ". To

2017年欧洲杯后,她暂时离开西班牙国家队学习。短暂的退赛也得到了教练的支持。两年后,在2019年女子世界杯上,她完成了在国家队的“帷幕召唤”。 “。 至

After leaving the national team, before fully focusing on medicine, she said that she will continue to play for Atletico Women's Football until the end of the contract. This meritorious player who was awarded the Wanda Metropolis "Legend Corridor" nameplate has set a good example for female football players all over the world. To


During the epidemic, she also actively shared her news on ins, and tagged #playinside and #playfortheworld to call everyone to stay at home and exercise together.

在流行期间,她还积极地在ins上分享了她的新闻,并标记了“ #playinside”和“ #playfortheworld”,号召每个人呆在家里一起锻炼。

In addition, she also actively responded to the charity fundraising activity #LoDamosTodo initiated by the Atletico Madrid and the Red Cross (for which we did everything) to provide help to Madrid medical workers who are fighting the epidemic on the front line.


Having played for the Sheets Corps for many years, she has a very deep affection for this team. She often shares training and game dynamics in ins, and takes photos with teammates after the game. She can feel the big family across the screen. Unity and friendship.

她曾在Sheets Corps效力多年,对这支球队深有感触。她经常在游戏中分享训练和游戏动态,并在赛后与队友合影。她可以在屏幕上感受到这个大家庭。团结与友谊。

In her free time, she would go on vacation and travel with friends to see the outside world; watch a tennis match with Spanish teammates; pay attention to charity and raise funds for an orphanage in Kenya... She is also under the court Full of positive energy!


Betis female football player who has similar experience with Silvia


Earlier, she said in a telephone interview with "Marca" that many doctors have contacted her and said that such support is very necessary, and that more manpower support may be needed next, and she is very welcome to join.


Talking about her medical experience, she said that it was a very difficult journey. Because she changed three universities before and after, there were many courses that needed to be retaken, and she had to take care of training and classes. It was not easy. .

在谈到她的医疗经历时,她说这是一个非常艰难的旅程。由于她前后分别更换了三所大学,因此有许多课程需要重修,并且她必须照顾培训和课程。这并不容易。 。

The 32-year-old midfielder has played for Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Espanyol and other clubs. Now she is not only a core player of Betis, but also joined the club’s women’s football management team, responsible for the women’s football team. The team and youth team tap outstanding young players. To


She loves to laugh very much. As her smile shows, she is active and cheerful in life. She often travels outdoors and likes the mountains and the sea.


Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Lisbon, Krabi, Thailand...She who loves to travel has left her beautiful figure in these places~


A young lady who loves life, loves her career and keeps improving herself, how can she not love it? This kind of spirit and attitude is worthy of our study~Look at her!


In fact, there are not a few female football players in Spain who combine professional sports with university studies. There are also many examples in the medical field. As mentioned in the article, the two outstanding athletes may become excellent doctors in the near future. Continue your dream.


In the future, after retiring from football, they will continue to "shine and heat", and they have set a good example for countless young women.


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