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Many words are poor,


It is better to keep in.


——The fifth chapter of Tao Te Ching


When reading Chinese ancient books, there are a lot of sayings that people should talk less, and even don't talk when necessary. Under the influence of this strong traditional culture, Chinese people often show reticent, reserved, and introverted characteristics in various social situations. Even in the passionate football circle, there are very few active Chinese players who use big mouths and rants as their personal labels. Therefore, Kim Min-jae's unobstructed talk on the talk show a few days ago seemed so alien.


However, South Korea can be regarded as an East Asian country under the influence of Confucian culture. It was almost the first time after the interview video was heatedly discussed.


Why do we have to add the attributive "period of validity in China"? Because, I think, emotional intelligence, for many players, is like football skills, there is a "ceiling" that you can't break through in your life.


So, here comes the question, just in terms of "nothing but annoying", which position is Jin Minya in the world of football? In fact, there is no need to do too much backtracking. Judging from the explosive effect of the speech in the past month, Jin Minzai may be just a younger brother in front of the two big brothers Courtois and Morata.


In a live broadcast of sports stars last month, Morata and Italian tennis player Fognini talked about some former clubs. He expressed himself in this way: "I was in the Atletico Madrid echelon when I was a child, and then I felt a little pressure on the competition within the team, so I decided to play for Getafe for a season, and then I went to Real Madrid. I regret the jerseys of other teams."


Perhaps it’s a translation issue. What is the specific Spanish context of this sentence. No one has clarified Morata. Instead, the British media "The Sun", which has always been good at doing things, has a more terrifying headline-"Morata Said,'Unfortunately, he had to wear Chelsea and Real Madrid shirts before moving to Atletico Madrid'".


In a word, no matter what the specific context of Morata is, either Real Madrid and Getafe are offended by the two La Liga old clubs, or all old clubs including Juventus and Chelsea. In one sentence, with two or more former clubs stepped on, Morata's "non-stop" index can be described as a new high. Of course, he has also attracted many fans, especially Real Madrid fans.


It may be that Morata threatened his position after seeing the "BOT brother" Morata broke out. The current player "Big Mouth" Courtois also showed off when he was interviewed by Belgian TV in May. Ventriloquist". When talking about the La Liga title, he said: "We are only two points behind Barcelona. We can become the champion. If we cancel this season, it will be unfortunate. If the champion is awarded to Barcelona, ​​it seems to me. It’s not fair. We had a fierce match with them and then we won one, which proved that we are a better team than them. Although we are two points behind, I don’t agree to win the championship. The point of view given to Barcelona."

看到“ BOT兄弟” Morata爆发后,Morata可能威胁到他的位置。目前的球员“大嘴巴”科图瓦斯在5月接受比利时电视台采访时也炫耀过。 Ventriloquist。”谈到西甲冠军时,他说:“我们仅落后巴塞罗那两分。我们可以成为冠军。如果我们取消这个季节,那将是不幸的。如果冠军被授予巴塞罗那,在我看来。这不公平。我们与他们进行了一场激烈的比赛,然后我们赢得了一场比赛,这证明我们比他们更好。尽管我们落后两分,但我不同意赢得冠军。巴塞罗那的观点。”

This sentence may be better if others say it, but it is Courtois, who has his own black physique, and many Barcelona fans began to ask: "Is it fairer to award the championship directly to you who are 2 points short"? "Daily Sports" even sent out a soul question-Courtois, why don't you shut up?

如果有人这样说,这句话可能会更好,但是拥有自己黑色体质的是库图瓦伊斯,许多巴塞罗那球迷开始问:“直接将冠军短短2分授予您是否更公平”? 《每日体育》甚至发出了灵魂疑问-库尔图斯,你为什么不闭嘴?

To shut up? Of course it is impossible to shut up, it is impossible to shut up for a lifetime. As the blunt BOT of the duo of Madrid, if Courtois and Morata are really silent, don’t talk about those media that need traffic and topics. I am afraid that many neutral fans will also have a lot less complaints and movies. Fun right?


Following the previous discussion, the reason why Jin Minzai's "sufficient" level is lower than that of Courtois and Morata is not to say that he directly expresses that his current teammates are not strong enough to be bad. The key point is that Courtois and Morata continue to output verbal harm to others and the club, and in terms of development trends, there is almost no possibility of them "shut up" in the short term. Especially Courtois, he is very happy to make controversial remarks.


Next, we can make teammates upset, coaches upset, opponents upset and even passersby upset in several aspects, to see how the Madrid Gemini star achieved the title of "big mouth double pride" in football.


Make teammates upset.


One of the highest levels of a player's "speaking" is to offend teammates who shouldn't be said, and finally make himself more embarrassed in the locker room. In this regard, Morata has suffered a dark loss, while Courtois has made it clear that he wants to piss you off, you may not be able to take him.


In February 2018, the media broke the news that the big guys in the Chelsea locker room were unhappy with Morata for no other reason-Morata always couldn't control her mouth and kept complaining. If the referee's penalty is unreasonable, Morata will complain; the opponent's defender fights too hard, he will complain; the body is hurt, he will still complain. Although it is understandable that I feel aggrieved by not scoring a goal for a long time, this way of directly showing my own chest will make others feel frustrated. After all, no one wants to be together with a stunned bag.


This negative complaint directly led to the serious consequences of his teammates not passing the ball to him. Later, Morata said to the media: "For a while at Chelsea, my teammates, no one except the Spaniard would pass the ball to me... You know, when you know you pass the ball to someone When you pass it to your people, it feels different." Yes, Morata said this sentence himself. He hadn't even officially transferred to Atletico at the time...


If Morata only complained about being slapped in the face, what Courtois likes to do is to slap others in the face naked.


In the 2014-15 season, Courtois put a generation of goalkeeper Cech on the bench with his stable performance. When talking about this generation of goalkeepers who are 10 years older than him, Courtois’s statement is very shocking-“For a goalkeeper, being able to play is very important.


Not only for a big brother like Cech, but for a substitute goalkeeper like Minholet who can't threaten his national team's starting position, Courtois is not soft. At the beginning of 2014, he said: "I understand he has ambitions to become Belgium's No. 1 goalkeeper, but what I want to say is that you have to respect those on the court. In Spain, I have never heard of a goalkeeper threatening to replace The position of Casillas. De Gea, Valdes, Reina did not, on the contrary, they support Cassie. Mignolet can say anything he wants, but I have saved enough points for the national team , I played very well in Atletico Madrid, he must remain humble and respect." Courtois's words are self-evident-you just play the bench honestly, don't talk nonsense.

不仅对于切赫这样的大哥哥,而且对于像明霍特这样的不能替代国家队首发位置的替补门将来说,库图瓦斯都不是软弱的。 2014年初,他说:“我了解他有成为比利时第一大守门员的雄心,但是我想说的是,您必须尊重球场上的守门员。在西班牙,我从未听说过守门员威胁要替换卡西利亚斯的位置,德·吉亚,瓦尔德斯,雷纳则没有,相反,他们支持卡西·米尼奥莱特可以说他想说的一切,但我为国家队节省了足够的积分,我在马德里竞技队打得很好,他必须保持谦卑和尊重。” Courtois的话是不言而喻的-您只是诚实地坐在板凳上,不要胡说八道。

Of course, Courtois hits his teammates far more than the goalkeeper


In addition, Courtois also revealed that Bell is a golfer, and talked about him not being interviewed in Spanish, etc. In short, one of Courtois's specialties is that he can continuously expose the information of his new teammates after he comes to the team. Like an old acquaintance, a big brother, it is hard to imagine that Bell will be able to speak such a "blunt BOT" "Big Brother" has any special feelings.


Make the coach upset.


Make your own coach upset but you can still be sent on the field, which can quite show the basic skills of a player without covering up.


After losing 1-2 to Manchester United at Old Trafford in February 2018, Chelsea's league ranking fell outside the Champions League. A few days later, Courtois publicly questioned the substitution of coach Conte: “This is the coach’s choice. I didn’t expect Hazard to be replaced. I don’t know what Conte’s mind thinks. He must explain."


In fact, it is a fact that Chelsea was overtaken 2 minutes after Hazard was replaced by Pedro in that game. It is also a fact that Hazard played well, but this kind of open questioning of the coach’s tactical arrangements undoubtedly changed the original Conte, who was already at odds with the top, was placed in a more embarrassing position. What's more, such public remarks are not beneficial to the club's performance. After that game, Chelsea lost to Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​Tottenham one after another in more than a month, and finally ranked fifth in the league, and Conte also dismissed get out of class.


Like Courtois, Morata played for 90 minutes in the loss to Manchester United, but he did not openly question the coach like the former. In fact, except for some of the former coaches (such as Ancelotti who did not give him a chance to start) quite a bit, we rarely see Morata's public bombardment of the coach. This is also what I always think Morata is playing. One reason why the "big mouth" cannot surpass Courtois.

像库图瓦斯一样,莫拉塔在输给曼联的比赛中出战90分钟,但他没有像前者那样公开质疑教练。实际上,除了一些前任教练(例如安切洛蒂没有给他上场的机会)外,我们很少看到莫拉塔公开抨击该教练。这也是我一直认为Morata在玩的东西。 “大嘴巴”不能超越库图瓦的原因之一。

Upset the opponent.


Courtois’ status as “BOT Straightforward BOT” is all-round, which can also be reflected in some of his comments on opponents.

Courtois的“ BOT直截了当的BOT”地位是全方位的,这也可以从他对对手的一些评论中得到体现。

After losing 0-1 to France in the 2018 World Cup, Courtois bluntly stated that France is "an anti-football team." He further explained: "The French forwards only played 30 meters from their goal. They huddled in the corner and did nothing but defend. I would rather lose to Brazil in the quarter-finals. The team playing.” When he said this, the French team was still preparing for the final. Obviously they were not interfered by Courtois and successfully won the World Cup trophy.


On the eve of the national derby in February this year, Courtois also challenged Messi’s remarks. He pointed out: “For me, Messi is no different from other players. Messi will not let me have nightmares, I study I’ve studied Messi on many different teams and I’ve also studied Messi. It’s nothing to be afraid of.” Soon, the fans put together a video of Messi wearing Courtois twice in a match in the Champions League in March 2018. I found it out and asked Courtois how he felt when he was entered into the small door.


However, on the field a few days later, Courtois blocked Barcelona, ​​and he defended his words with practical actions. For the neutral fans, when Messi meets Courtois again next time, maybe there will be a good show...


Courtois' direct verbal suppression of Morata appeared after the Madrid Derby on February 1. In the 31st minute of that game, Morata hit the Real Madrid penalty area and fell to the ground, but the referee did not make a penalty. Courtois said of this scene: "I don't think this is a penalty, Morata tripped by himself." This kind of direct verbal suppression basically declared Courtois' unshakable." Big Mouth Brother" status.


Make passersby upset.


In fact, even comparing Morata with Courtois is still somewhat unfair. Morata's unusual remarks are mostly because of his own complex emotions, and Courtois's "kouhi" combat effectiveness often affects passers-by. This is a huge gap between the two levels.

实际上,即使将Morata与Courtois进行比较仍然有些不公平。莫拉塔的不同寻常言论主要是由于他自己复杂的情绪,而考图瓦斯的“ kouhi”战斗力常常会影响路人。这是两个层次之间的巨大差距。

In June 2018, Courtois questioned Karius' diagnosis of a concussion in an interview with the media. He combined his own personal experience and said: "The collision between Sanchez and I caused a concussion. I couldn't even see the ball. So I was replaced after 20 minutes of playing because I couldn't see the ball. I feel sorry for what happened to Karius, but put the blame for the mistake on the concussion (which is strange), and he made two wonderful saves later. So is this because of good luck? Me I don’t know, because he might not even see the ball."


In fact, Karius himself has been criticized in every way because of his two mistakes in the Champions League final, and he is on the cusp of the storm. Regardless of the authenticity of the doctor's diagnosis, at that moment, he had to send a stone to his colleague who fell in the well. Perhaps it was really enough "Courtoire".


Interestingly, I don’t know if it caused the Red Army fans. In December of that year, a Red Army fan with the avatar of "Salah" satirized on social media that Courtois was not able to keep zero. Courtois did not. He hesitated to respond: "You still don't have a Premier League champion."


It has to be said that the two lay guns between Karius and Liverpool proved that no one can match Courtois on the road to openly attacking people.


All in all, Courtois and Morata, as "big mouth double arrogance", have gone farther and farther in terms of being open-minded. Especially Courtois, maybe his extraordinary remarks will cause headaches for all coaches.


However, as mentioned earlier, even if the two people are compared, Courtois' "BOT" advantage is all-round. Compared to Courtois, Morata is actually more like a child who is spoiled and who likes to mumble. He is prone to pessimism and complaints, always entangled in the past, and it is difficult to get out of the psychological shadow freely. These can be well seen from his relevant comments on Real Madrid and Chelsea. Former coach Sarri also commented that Morata's psychological quality is not good. Therefore, he will choose to vent by constantly complaining and breaking his mouth, and tell some of his true feelings.

但是,如前所述,即使将两个人进行比较,科图瓦的“ BOT”优势也是全方位的。与库图瓦斯相比,莫拉塔实际上更像一个被宠坏,喜欢喃喃自语的孩子。他很容易悲观和抱怨,过去总是纠结在一起,很难摆脱心理阴影。从他对皇马和切尔西的相关评论中可以很好地看出这些。前教练萨里还评论说,莫拉塔的心理素质并不好。因此,他会选择不断抱怨和断嘴来发泄,并说出自己的真实感受。

Courtois is completely different. He has a strong self-confidence. He himself has repeatedly said that he "never doubted himself." In addition, things like arguing for Hazard can prove that he still has a very strong "big brother consciousness". If the whole world is his home court, it will be difficult for you to stop him from giving directions.


On the other hand, as professional football players, the two have little criticism of their current club.


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