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Netease Sports reported on October 10:


Polish rookie Sviatek in this session


Before this French Open, Sviatek had only played 36 WTA tournaments at the main tournament level. Last year, Lugano reached the WTA finals for the first time. That was her only previous experience in the finals and lost to Herkog. Missed the title. The Polish teenager’s highest-level championship in his previous career was just two ITFW60-level events held in Budapest and Montreux. He has played six major championships before. The best result is the French Open last year and the Australian Open this year. In four rounds, the French Open was swept by Halep 6-1 and 6-0.


After losing to Azarenka in the third round of the US Open, Sviatek was eliminated in the first round of the warm-up match in Rome by Ruth, a Dutch player who has never ranked in the top 60 in the world. Who would have thought that Can she make such a huge wave in Paris? In Roland Garros, Sviateck suddenly played a dominant performance. In the six games before entering the final, he lost only 23 rounds in total, the smallest record in 26 years. The fourth round of successful revenge only made him the top seed. Halep got a mere 3 rounds from his own hands.

在美国公开赛第三轮输给阿扎伦卡后,斯维亚泰克在罗马的热身赛第一轮被露丝(Ruth)淘汰,他从未在世界排名前60位排名。谁会想到她能在巴黎掀起如此巨大的浪潮吗?在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),塞维特克突然扮演了主要角色。在进入决赛前的六场比赛中,他总共只输了23轮,这是26年来的最低纪录。第四轮成功的复仇只使他成为头号种子。哈勒普自己手里只有三发子弹。

Ranked 54th in the world, Sviatek has become the second-lowest player to reach the French Open Women’s Singles final since the establishment of the ranking in 1975, 7 places lower than Ostapenko, who reached the top in 2017. In 2001, Clijsters was the youngest player to reach the French Open women's singles final. As the seventh non-seeded player to reach the French Open women's singles final, although there has never been a tournament champion in his career, Sviatek is still a relatively more promising side in this French Open women's singles final, even with her The opposite of the net is the Australian Open champion Kenning, who has become a Grand Slam champion.


In the championship battle with Kenning, Sviatek didn't have the slightest sense of youth. The first set was as easy as training, and he broke serve to get a 3-0 lead. Although Kenning immediately broke and tied, Sviatek's championship temperament has been fully demonstrated, even if it breaks first and then is reversed, but again at 5-4, he defeated the opponent's serve and won 6-4. After the first set, it was overwhelming. In the second set, Sviatek’s powerful offensive completely destroyed Kenning’s self-confidence. Strong serve, receive, strong bottom line hits and wide range of transfers made Kenning unable to fight back. The second set again He broke serve three times and won 6-1, but he still won easily.


You must know that this summer, Sviatek entered the top 100 in the world rankings, but now it has become a Grand Slam champion. In the entire French Open to the top, they defeated their opponents 2-0. After Haining in 2007, Sviatek became another player who won the championship without losing a set in the past 13 years. It took her 84 minutes to defeat Kenning in the final. The French Open was relatively the most "difficult" victory, but it was only five games lost. Looking at Sviatek’s championship journey, none of her opponents got more than 5 rounds from her, basically swept all the way to win the championship. The first professional title is the Grand Slam champion. Kenning is very similar to Ostapenko in 2017.


Sviatek’s previous career ranking was only 48th. Now that she won the French Open, she will be ranked 17th in the world next week. These two weeks are undoubtedly amazing for her. Two weeks ago She has never beaten any top ten in the world. In Roland Garros, she defeated Halep and Kenning, the two Grand Slam winners. After A-Radwanska retired, Sviatek not only carried the banner of Polish tennis, but with her physical condition and game characteristics, she was more likely to become a spoiler or even the master of the future women's tennis.

Sviatek以前的职业排名仅为48。现在她赢得了法国公开赛,下周她将在世界排名第17亚愽app官网登录位。这两个星期对于她来说无疑是惊人的。两周前,她从未击败任何世界前十名。在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),她击败了两个大满贯冠军哈勒普(Halep)和肯宁(Kenning)。 A-Radwanska退休后,Sviatek不仅举着波兰网球的旗帜,而且凭借她的身体状况和比赛特征,她更有可能成为未来女子网球的破坏者甚至大师。

Sviatek French Open Championship Tour




6-1, 6-4 Xie Shuwei 67 minutes


6-3, 6-2 Busal 74 minutes

6-3,6-2 Busal 74分钟

6-1, 6-2 Halep 68 minutes


6-3, 6-1 Trevisan 78 minutes






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